Thank you

for your interest in Yes Clubs International!  We consider it an honor to be involved in the lives of children of all ages.  We are grateful for your confidence in us to help you in your endeavor to produce good citizens for our communities.  We are here to help you and to serve you in this great adventure! 
A Yes Club is more than just a Bible Club. Yes Clubs International actually teaches and trains the youth of the club to hold key leadership positions. The clubs are started with interest from the students and after one or two meetings the students will vote on the key leadership positions of the Yes Club. Yes Clubs are unique in the fact that every member of the Club has a position, title, and responsibility, if they so desire to participate. Yes Clubs International meetings are also unique because of the balanced program of game time and devotions during each meeting. Successful Yes Clubs have many fun, crazy, and bizarre games that are as fun to watch as they are to participate in and participants receive some sort of prize.

We encourage Yes Clubs to get involved in school and community projects.  We want your “YES CLUB” involvement to be a positive experience!  For more information please contact us through this site, or talk to a club representative.

YES CLUBS INTERNATIONAL” is not a legal entity, so it cannot require each organization using its name to follow all of its suggestions.  We will endeavor to do all in our power to help each club have a fun-filled and life-challenging time for every student that attends. We welcome input from every school.  We are committed to teaching tomorrow’s leaders good character, morals, and ethics through YES CLUBS INTERNATIONAL.

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