Adopt a Teacher

YES Club International has found a great need in the schools around the world and that is school teachers need encouragement. There are many facets in becoming an encouragement to others. With the Adopt-a-Teacher Program, YCI is able to reach out to teachers around the world in very specific ways. With the ATP questionnaire we are able to see what the specific needs of the teacher or school are and then reach out to that community to meet those needs. With YES Club International’s social networking resources, many times we are able to help the communities help their local schools by showing them the specific needs of their local schools. By doing this the community and school have a much better relationship and this in turn creates a better working relationship with teachers, parents, students, and community. We have found that communities and businesses really want to help but just do not know what to do or whom to help. The YCI Adopt-a-Teacher program does just that. It bridges the gap between schools and communities with specific needs listed on the questionnaire.


One of the encouragement goals of YCI is to recognize teachers on their birthdays and anniversaries. Many times a birthday card on a teacher’s birthday makes a world of difference in the life of that teacher. It reinforces the fact that someone cares. With the ATP questionnaire filled out by the teachers, and through our community resourcing, YCI is able to go to area churches and businesses with the specific needs and information to help individual teachers, departments, or overall school. When adopted, teachers will receive birthday cards and anniversary cards. An example would be that a church, church youth group, Sunday School class, businesses, business persons, or one of our YCI student clubs active in the school would adopt a teacher. They then in return would send a birthday card with perhaps a gift card of that teacher’s favorite restaurant, or perhaps that teacher’s favorite flower, or snack, from the indicated information from the ATP questionnaire. Someone else may have the resources to meet that teacher’s request of materials needed for the class or departmental project. The possibilities are endless.