Here are a few testimonies from Yes Club International students.

We also offer the Rock of Ages Character Under Construction lessons that teach character, morals, and ethics according to the Presidential Guidlinesand adheres to all legal protocols.

 For more information about the Character Under Construction lessons,visit our website at cuc-classes.org.


“Hey! You came to my school today. I really enjoyed having you come. Those games we played were redonculiously funn(ridiculously fun.) Where did you come up with games like that. they were AWESOME. You were, and still will always be, AWESOME!!!!!! I love how you combine the word of God and playing funn wacky games together to make one fabulisticaluloous(AWESOME) day!! Thanks for coming, and I’m looking forward to our next meeting!!!!”


“This program in my opinion is a very good experience for my fellow students and me. I think that it helps us in many ways including showing us how we should act and why.  I also think that prison stories help kids realize if they are not living life the way they should.”


“Need to make the Yes Club a class for everyday!”


“Very funny but serious too.”


“The games are different and weird sometimes but lots of fun.The devotions are good and make a lot of sense.”


“This program is a good thing because it shows us a different point of view that we don’t think about.  It allows us to be better people and shows us good examples of what we should be, do, and say.”


“I like this program because it helps us understand the meanings of holidays, and other important things.  You make it fun to learn about it and you put it in ways that we can understand. I love this program it helps me and my friends understand life better.”


“My impression of this program is that it is great and they should continue to do it. The people are very funny and smart.  The life lessons they teach are very valuable and will help us through everyday life.”


“I like this program because in every lesson I learn something new.  I have learned the meaning of things like Christmas and Valentine’s Day and a lot more. I also like it because the people who teach the lessons always tell us something that will help us in life.  I just want to say thank you for coming and talking to all of us.”


“It is important and makes me think about my life and how I treat others”


“Made me stop and rethink some things in my life with my parents”