Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yes Club?

A Yes Club is more than just a Bible Club. YES Clubs International actually teaches and trains the youth of the club to hold key leadership positions. These leadership positions have “Job Descriptions” that each elected officer is responsible for upholding. The YES Club Team Leaders / Directors will teach them these responsibilities in a fun and positive way.

How to start a Yes Club?

YES Clubs are started with interest from the students to form a Bible Club. The students invite YCI to teach them how to manage, coordinate, and conduct Bible Club meetings which also including special community, or school projects.

How much time is required per Yes Club?

The optimal time is 45 minutes to an hour, but we can do a lesson or presentation in as little as 30 minutes actual time.

When Do Yes Clubs Meet?

Dates, times, and place of meetings are determined by the school. Some schools provide a monthly “Club Day” for the students to meet for various clubs. Others meet quarterly. Some may allow you to have a classroom at lunch times to meet once or twice a week, while others will allow you to meet at lunch everyday if you wish.

How much did a Yes Club cost?

It is absolutely free to schools and students. If wanted, club accessories such as books, t-shirts, hats, book bags, etc., are available at a minimal cost.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Is the club student-led?

Yes. The Yes Club has a club President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ushers, and Public Relations representatives, which are all students.

What are some of the goals of this club?

To teach students how to conduct Bible clubs; how to hold an election of officers; and how to fulfill elected positions with the specific job descriptions of their office. To have a balance in life between the things of God, and the things of life. We also use role play of different situations in order to show young people how to deal with difficult situations that they may be faced with. We simply wish to provide students with the best citizenship and teamwork training possible.

Is this a preaching service only?

No. The club will maintain a balance between fun games and serious devotions.

Can you preach or give devotions in a school classroom setting?

Only if the classroom is being used for a club meeting on a specified club day or club time that has been designated by the school. If it is a voluntary assembly of students on club days it is permitted.

Are there required background checks?

Most schools and school systems require anyone dealing with students to have complete background checks. We suggest to the local Team Leaders / Directors of a YES Club, to have a federal background check done on each person before they enter a school. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to perform.