Become a Leader

Become a Leader

The public schools are one of the greatest mission fields for working with youth of all ages! Character and value training is sadly lacking among today’s youth. We have witnessed specific missing character traits to be common among the incarcerated of the juvenile detention centers and adult correctional facilities alike. The number of juvenile offenders is increasing at an alarming rate. If you want to make a difference in the lives of today’s children, then YES Clubs International is the answer for you.

Under the federal Equal Access Act, secondary public schools receiving federal funding must allow students to form religious clubs if the school allows other non-curriculum related clubs to meet during non-instructional time. “Non-curriculum related” means the school does not give grades or require attendance. Non-curriculum related clubs also include the schools athletic teams. “Non-instructional time” means club

Who is a team Leader/Director?

A Yes Club Team Leader / Director  is to be a fundamentally sound Christian or Baptist church group, who agrees with the Statement of Faith section found in the Terms and Conditions section of this website. The YCI Team Leader / Director will be dedicated to diligently teach the youth in public schools of America and around the world with the character, morals, and ethics found in the Authorized King James Bible, using Yes Clubs International materials and suggestions.

Who is a team Leader/Director’s Job?
The YCI Team Leader / Director teaches and trains the students of the club in leadership skills. The YCI Team Leader / Director empowers the students to hold and conduct elections for club president, secretary, treasurer, ushers, and public relations. The Team Leader / Director determines topics for discussion based on information and request of club members. YCI Team Leader / Director’s set up schedules of guest speakers that the club members agree upon. They also help supply the club with Bibles, posters, business cards, postcards, and Scripture T-shirts to promote the Yes Club. In order to help promote Bible Scripture memorization of students in the public schools, all potential Team Leaders / Directors need to be aware that Yes Clubs International has special ribbons and a special T-shirt to be awarded for Bible Scripture memorization. All are available for purchase by through this website or Rock of Ages Ministries, Inc through there website. You may want to have you own Scripture and prizes awarded, but please promote Scripture memorization!
How do I become a Leader/Director?
First, you must be a fundamentally sound Christian, or Baptist church group that accepts our Statement of Faith, and Terms & Conditions. Second, you will need to fill out and submit the online application. Third, you will be contacted by the Rock of Ages Ministries, Inc., home office. You will be asked to submit your statement of faith, for the Rock of Ages Ministries to review. After being contacted by the Rock of Ages home office, your application, interview, and statement of faith; will be reviewed by the Rock of Ages Ministries for acceptance. Note: (The Rock of Ages Ministries Inc., reserves the right to reject any request of acceptance for YES Clubs International membership.)
What does registering give you?

  1. The right to use the name, Yes Club International, for your independent club.
  2. Access to purchase professionally printed YCI materials through the Team Leaders area of the website. Team Leaders / Directors prices are discounted from our regular pricing.
  3. Use of Yes Clubs International website with “Team Leaders -only” area 24/7.
  4. Optional but highly recommended: You may purchase A YCI Starter Kit to help you get your YES Club started. The starter kit consists of: (4) YCI Posters, (50) YCI Business Cards, (50) YCI Post Cards, (25) YCI Brochures, (25) Character Under Construction Brochures, only (2) Character Under Construction lessons, and (2) Emotional Concept Lessons.                               Kit Price $100.00 + shipping.

Are You ready to be a leader?

Please Consider 

In order to meet office expenses and the needs of a rapidly growing ministry, we ask that you consider supporting the Rock of Ages Ministries, Prison Prevention Team on a monthly basis. The Prison Prevention office maintains the Yes Clubs and Character Under Construction that goes into the public schools. If you or your church would like more information concerning Yes Club Intl. sponsorship or monthly support, please contact the Rock of Ages Ministries by:Phone: (423-479-3243) orE-mail:

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